Delta Fund Inc. is a multimarket fund that seeks to direct its investments into the best alternatives of financial instruments available on world markets, which are identified through a meticulous and dedicated research.


About us

Delta Fund Inc. is a multimarket fund that seeks to direct its investments into the best alternatives of financial instruments available on world markets, which are identified through a meticulous and dedicated research.

We focus our efforts in negotiating special through unconventional conditions, expanding the possibilities of diversifying the Funds’ portfolio, seeking to add value to the investor.

Class T shares of the Fund have the option to take up a moderate to average leverage on the investments, depending on current market conditions.

Delta Fund is an open-end mutual fund established on 21 September 2007 by public deed and Public Docket No. 10,043 584,759 redi document No. 1,212,937 in the Republic of Panama in accordance with Article 179-A of Title IX of Decree Law No. 1 of 8 July 1999 of the Republic of Panama (Panama Securities Act).

The Fund was registered with the National Securities Commission on September 12, 2008, according to CNV Resolution No. 288-08.

The Fund has been established to allow any institutional investor to participate in the different asset classes, each with a well-defined investment policy. The designations, preferences, privileges and voting rights, or restrictions or any other requirements for each class of preferred shares, are located in the Offering Memorandum.

Institutional Offer

Our institutional clients include insurers, banks, asset managers, pension plans, foundations and corporations around the world, with assets invested in a wide range of investment solutions

Delta Fund Management

The management of the assets of Delta Fund is controlled by Allperformance Management Ltd., (ALLPERFORMANCE), which specializes in asset management and fixed-centered strategies, yielding in higher asset returns.

General information

  • Administrator: GFIN Corporate Services Ltd.
  • Gestión: ALLPERFORMANCE Management Ltd.
  • Auditor: CDS SAS Corporation.
  • Custodia: CLEARSTREAM Global Securities Services
  • Análisis de riesgo de los títulos: FUNDABILIS AG.

About “Allperformance”

ALLPERFORMANCE aims to identify the most interesting investments taking into consideration the characteristics of the respective class of shares.

Its management team uses a strategy based on the value orientation of liquidity and total return of the portfolio.

The company believes that active management focusing on the liquidity of assets and political dynamics, as well as analysis of the information available can be made to obtained above-average returns with lower risk during the cycle.

ALLPERFORMANCE focuses on various issues of investment, cash generation capacity, compliance with its financial obligations, including external debt, and local currency corporate debt, among others.

and Conditions

Confirmation:To the best of my knowledge, after due inquiry, I am permitted by the laws of my jurisdiction of residence to access this site and the information contained therein; and  I have read and understood the terms and conditions of use and agree to be bound by them.  I understand that the estimated performance and/or valuation/NAV data (”Estimates”), which I am about to access, is based on estimated valuations or net asset values calculated by a member of the Man Group plc group of companies and may vary materially from the official valuation or net asset value (which will be published on this website when finalised). Consequently the Estimates are not the price at which subscriptions or redemptions may be made.  I understand that I should not rely upon the Estimates to make investment decisions or otherwise. Any reliance on the Estimates is entirely at my own risk.  I understand that interests in the investment products may only be purchased or sold in accordance with the terms of the prospectus issued by the investment products (or the issuers of such products) and the price the issuer of such product may quote may be materially different from the Estimates.

Participative registered share Class T

  • Min. Initial Investment: USD 25.000
  • Min. Additional Investment: USD 25.000
  • Redemption: Monthly
  • Management Fee: 0,5% per year.
  • Performance Fee: N.A.
  • Inception Date: (Clase T): 04/30/2011
  • Denomination: USD.
  • ISIN: PAL2290582T5
  • Bloomberg Code: BBG001RWXLN9
  • CUSIP: N.A

Participative registered share Class T (ISIN #: PAL2290582T5)

It is an investment in which it is intended to achieve gains through investments directly in securities issued by companies in traditional markets or emerging markets.

Investor Relations

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Ago Sep Oct Nov Dec YTD   Return 3Y
2014 -0,14%   1,18% -0,57%  -0,02%  1,85%  0,39%  -0,23%  0,27% -0,18%   0,34%  0,36% -1,43%  1,79%    
2015  0,63% -0,29% -0,12%  0,21%  0,18% -0,44%  0,76% -0,10% -2,37%  1,03% -0,27% -0,34% -1,15%    
2016 -1,98%  1,25%  0,58%  1,61% -0,43%  0,17%  0,12% -0,07% -0,22% -0,24% -0,36%  0,00%  0,40%    
2017   0,09% -0,03%  -0,03%  -0,53%  -0,28%  -0,01%  -0,18% -0,05%          -1,05%    -2,71%



  • Current AUM (USD Million)
  • Month to date return
  • Year to date return
  • 12 month return
  • Annualized return 3 Years
  • Annualized standard deviation
  • Precentage of positive months
  • Highest monthly return
  • Lowest monthly return
  • Maximum drawdown
  • NAV
  •     16
  • -0,05%
  • -1,05%
  • -1,87%
  • -0,91%
  •  2,57%
  •     39%
  •  1,85%
  • -2,37%
  • -4,49%
  • 0.8726

Price evolution


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